Amanat Foundation is a Non-Government Organization (NGO), actively working on various levels of society and is chiefly devoted to fulfilling goals such as empowerment of women, student, and youth welfare, and spreading awareness regarding humanitarian causes. It was established under the Chhattisgarh Society Registration Act, 1973 on 20th January 2021. The operational headquarter of the foundation is situated in Raipur, Chhattisgarh but the organization has been active on a pan-India scale since last three years, that is, 2018. The main force behind its overarching success is the grass root level reach of the organization’s volunteers which consists mainly of the youth and social work enthusiasts. Amanat Foundation is marching ahead on the path to fulfill its missions, slowly but steadily and we hope to come up as a leading organization in the field of social work and help as many people as possible.

Who We Are

Our foundation is basically a dedicated team of young individuals coming from different sections of the society, gathered together for a noble cause. We work in a systematic manner by distributing our workforce to various states by first appointing the state representative for every state and then the district representative who works under the state heads. Our volunteers, who are the heart and soul of our organization, work under these tentative heads to collectively and gradually work their way up from the bottom to resolve the various issues prevailing in society.

Our Vision and Mission

Our foundation, being a youth-centric organization envisions the judicious use of social media platforms which are in vogue and have far greater reach than their traditional counterparts, to bring about positive changes in the society through the likes of various activities and initiatives targeted to bring together a number of young social work enthusiasts, teaming up to spread among the populous the message of women empowerment, student welfare, and humanity through social deeds.

Keeping in view the vision of Amanat Foundation, the following sectors form the core of our organization’s mission. They are,

Women Health and Education

Women contribute to half of our country’s workforce and development, yet are the most neglected lot of society. Our mission at Amanat Foundation is to bring into light the various issues faced by most women to the mainstream and eradicate those issues in meaningful ways. Our two initiatives, namely, ‘DHAIRYA’, a women-centered magazine, and ‘PRAGATI’, a program to uplift rural women; are examples of work done on the ground level by our organization to promote women empowerment.

Student Welfare and Employment

The future of our country lies at the hand of our youth, one can even say that they are the backbone our country. But our organizations firsthand experience has found that the young students of nation are lacking in education, employment and other basic facilities. To counter this, our organization organizes various events and programs to cater to the needs of such underprivileged students. Some of the programs which come under this are ‘MUKTAANGANA’, a charitable book donation drive for the needy, ‘ABHISHREE’, a short story series of motivational and inspirational icons of our country and ‘TEACH TO LEARN’, providing skill development and personality development classes to the students.

Inspiring Humanity by Social Work

Humanity is the one common emotion that binds us all together. Our mission at Amanat Foundation is to bring forth humanity among individuals through various humanitarian activities. Social works form the core of our organization’s pragmatic stronghold. We promote various campaigns and drives for this purpose, some of them are, blanket donation drives, cloth donation drives, food donation drives, blood donation drives, and campaigns such as no-plastic campaigns, plantation campaigns; all of which are focused on disseminating the moral message of equality, humanity and harmony.


Our Programs

Amanat Foundation is the originator of many social and cultural programs, each of whom is directed towards raising awareness in society and solving the problems of the populous. Some of our programs are mentioned and elaborated below:





Skill Development and Personality Development Program

Teach to Learn

This one-month course will teach you all the required skills needed when going for a freelancing job or creating a source of extra income.

Most importantly it provides you the routine you wanted for a long.

Our Working Sectors

Our aim is not focused on any single entity. We rather believe in comprehensive development. So in accordance with that, different fields on which we aim to work are Sanitization, Health, Education, Employment and Environment. Above all over main focus is on executing what we believe in.












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