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We are an NGO based in Chhattisgarh and working for the last some years to bring change to society by helping the needy and educating women and students. Our main vision is to reach out and rehabilitate people from the underprivileged segment. We do this through well-planned and comprehensive programs in health, education, surveys, and seminars related to personal development, skill development, and women’s empowerment.

Donate Plasma

If you have been recovered from Covid-19 before 28 days, you have a superpower to save lives by donating your plasma, go ahead and Donate Plasma.

Donate Blood

Donating Blood makes you a lifesaver and gives hope to many. It costs you nothing, but it can mean the world to someone in need. Go ahead, Donate Blood. 

Total requirements during this COVID PANDEMIC is resolved.

On hard days we are trying to help humanity by collecting the real and verified data and providing it to the one in need. For the same, we have created a WhatsApp group to connect easily.

If you have leads regarding the requirements, or you are in need, we are trying our best to serve you.

Our Projects

Teach to Learn

This one-month course will teach you all the required skills needed when going for a freelancing job or creating a source of extra income. Most importantly it provides you the routine you wanted for a long.

Writing Internship

It is a free Internship program for growing writers to provide them proper guidance to be influenced in different kinds of writing styles. Most importantly in 2021, you can get a better career in content writing.

Social Works

We try to help everyone in need with the help of people and our volunteers. We have done many blanket and cloth donation drives and will do in the near future. Anyone can join us by clicking the button below.