‘ABHISHREE’, another one of our flagship programs, is basically aimed at bringing out the stories of the unsung heroes of our society. These stories are collected by our team of young volunteers, who personally collect such stories out of their enthusiasm for social work. These stories are then drafted, designed, and published on our official website and on various social media handles of our organization like Facebook and Instagram so that it reaches a wide range of audiences.


The main idea of our ‘ABHISHREE’ initiative is not to garner the sympathy for these unsung heroes but to make the world aware of their success amidst various hardships which they faced firsthand in their lives. These stories work as motivation for the people who are in dire need of some hope in their lives. 

The constituents of ABHISHREE

For our ‘ABHISHREE’ initiative, we are mainly constituted of young volunteers who depend on their social communication networks to bring out the stories of various unsung heroes of our society.

There is no monetary agenda behind this initiative as it largely depends on spreading positivity among people which in itself is a noble task. However, we are always thankful and indebted to our valuable team of volunteers who work day and night to make this initiative a reality. For this reason, we feature the name of the volunteers who bring such stories on our official website and social media handles. It promotes enthusiasm among the volunteers as their efforts are being noticed and displayed publicly.

Our Vision and Mission Regarding ABHISHREE

Our main vision regarding ‘ABHISHREE’ is to spread positivity among the masses in our society. It is famously said that a person can live without food for 10 days, without water for 3 days but without hope, one cannot survive even for a single day. It was this idea of helping such individuals that we came up with the idea of our initiative.


Our mission regarding ‘ABHISHREE’ is to bring to the limelight the life story of such individuals by bringing about what their struggles were, be it a social struggle, financial struggle, mental or physical struggles; and how they overcame such adverse situations to come out as winners in their life.

We focus largely on the stories of the people who are not famous to inspire the needy how even a common person and achieve uncommon results.

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