‘DHAIRYA’, our flagship program, is a socio-cultural initiative, designed and drafted by the women and for the women. It is basically an e-magazine that primarily deals with the most ignored and underprivileged section of our society, that are, women. Being a women-centric magazine, it deals with the problems faced by women, both in urban and rural surroundings. Some of the main issues covered in our magazine include are the problems of women related to women’s health, both physical as well as mental; the laws related to women which can be helpful to fight injustice faced by them; the importance of right food choices and adequate nutrition for women; the importance of personal hygiene and sanitation for women. The magazine also deals with real-life problems faced by women and their solutions like career opportunities and career guidance.

The magazine is available to our valuable readers in the English language as of now. We are also cheerfully and continuously working on the task of publishing the magazine in the Hindi language. We believe that soon our magazine will achieve the status of a bi-lingual magazine so that it could be enjoyed by everyone.

The constituents of DHAIRYA

The name ‘DHAIRYA’ is synonymous with the word ‘patience’ in the English language. Women in our society who face all kinds of anomalies and injustice presented before them on a daily basis deal with these problems with patience in their hearts and courage in their disposition without ever going out of their way. Synonymous to this idea is the name ‘DHAIRYA’ of our e-magazine which encourages women to not lose their patience in any scenario and come out as strong and independent individuals who will ultimately bring about a positive change in society.


‘DHAIRYA’ being a women-centric e-magazine which is published by the women and for the women, believes that who can understand the problems faced by women more than the women themselves. And so the major constituents of our magazine are all women. These include women from various sections of the society like Doctors, Working Professionals like Editors, Designers, Social Workers, and College Students as well as women who are role models in the society, who encourage other women to take necessary steps to fight off the injustice towards them by supporting them and motivating them.

Our Vision and Mission Regarding DHAIRYA

Our main focus regarding ‘DHAIRYA’ is to achieve the ultimate goal of uplifting the underprivileged females of our society. It is designed in the form of an online magazine so that it develops a wider viewership which could not be possible with traditional magazine approaches. The online nature of the magazine also makes it tangible to be read and shared without hesitation among the audience who could benefit from the valuable information provided in it.


Our mission regarding ‘DHAIRYA’ is to liberate women from the evils and injustice which is still prevalent in today’s modern world. We hope to achieve our mission for which we are enthusiastically devoted to increasing the viewership of our magazine by the means of social media and its adjacent platforms. We aim to make our e-magazine the largest and most circulated e-magazine of the nation in the near future.

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