‘MUKTAANGANA’, another one of our flagship programs is a literary and educational initiative, designed for providing valuable books to enthusiastic readers and people in need. It is basically a collection of books, viz. a little library which consists of books of various genres, be it fiction, non-fiction or educational books like novels, ghazal books, self-help books, etc. The medium of our initiative is online and offline.

The books are exclusively available to our members who can join us by paying a small amount. Our organization has decided that as of now the membership fee for a six-month membership would be Rs. 1000 /- and annual membership fee would be Rs. 2000 /- which would be deposited at our foundation as caution money and would be totally refundable at the end of the membership period.

If a member wishes to borrow a book, he/she can borrow the book for a period of 15 days by paying 10% of the price of that particular book. If a member fails to return the book in due time then the amount extending the issued time would be deducted from his/her caution money.

The constituents of MUKTAANGANA

Our ‘MUKTAANGANA’ program drives upon the constant effort of our team of volunteers who are an integral part of our initiative. These young volunteers contact various avid readers, scholars, and publishing houses through their professional and non-professional contacts to collect books of various genres. The books which are available at our disposal are a collection of first-hand books, used books, and donated books.

Our goal is to collect a variety of books, magazines, journal articles, research papers, travelogues, etc. which would cater to the taste of a variety of readers. And to fulfill this goal we have already collected a wide range of books through the great efforts of our volunteers.

As mentioned earlier, the members of our little library can pay their nominal membership fee and enjoy the books.

Our Vision and Mission Regarding MUKTAANGANA

Our main focus regarding ‘MUKTAANGANA’ is to achieve the ultimate goal of uplifting the underprivileged students and economically backward section of our society. For this, we plan to provide the tuition fee for those meritorious students who cannot afford to pay for the preparation fee of various competitive examinations like CAT exams, NEET exams, JEE exams, PSC exams, etc. The fee would be given from the money collected through our program so that it ultimately helps the underprivileged students to break the shackles of poverty and become self-made and self-reliant.

The selection for such students who would benefit from our initiative would be based on the criteria decided by our foundation. The main target group for this financial benefit would be the students who come from a brilliant academic background but struggle financially.

We at Amanat Foundation plan to encourage reading and other literary activities through the help of readers and education activists themselves.

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