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Our foundation is basically a dedicated team of young individuals coming from different sections of the society, gathered together for a noble cause. We work in a systematic manner by distributing our workforce to various states by first appointing the state representative for every state and then the district representative who works under the state heads. Our volunteers, who are the heart and soul of our organization, work under these tentative heads to collectively and gradually work their way up from the bottom to resolve the various issues prevailing in society.

 Our mission as a Non-Government Organization is to inspire the overall development of the society with a key focus on areas like women’s health, hygiene and education; student welfare and employment through skill development and personality development; and spreading the message of humanity through social works like food distribution and blanket distribution for the poor and needy. Apart from this we are also focused on creating a strong chain of young volunteers who would like to work on various social evils and injustices present in our surroundings, to resolve them in new and innovative ways.

Our organization boasts of the successful organization of various social activities and initiatives. Some of the ongoing initiatives which are active under us are ‘MUKTAANGANA’ which focuses on providing different genres of books for the needy, ‘DHAIRYA’ which is a magazine pertaining to the problems faced by women, ‘ABHISHREE’ which is a story series of a motivational and inspirational individual who beat the odds to conquer the hardships faced by them, ‘PRAGATI’ which mainly focuses on facilitating orders related to authentic products like handcrafted clothes, local delicacies, etc. for women residing in rural areas, ‘TEACH TO LEARN’ which focuses on skill and personality development of the underprivileged youth.

The volunteers taking part in various programs and initiatives conducted by the foundation are given due credit and respect in the form of certifications to promote future participation by them. All the above-mentioned initiatives are free of charge and require just a will to help the underprivileged and a good heart yearning for the betterment of society.


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